As an art education student you will be prepared to competently instruct art to children in grades K-12. It is a dynamic program, emphasizing the integration of art education theory and practice. The art education major takes courses in studio art, art history, and education. Art education courses enable majors to understand how all of the content areas of their program come to bear on their practice in an elementary and secondary art classroom. Each art education course includes a field component, where majors spend time observing and teaching in an elementary or a secondary art classroom.

The Therapeutic Arts

Witness the therapeutic benefit of the arts through coursework and volunteer opportunities.

The Art Education program prepares people to teach PK-12 art, but in the past 10 years, we have developed a niche in providing therapeutic art opportunities for marginalized populations. Each semester, the TCU Art Education Department offers a course entitled, “The Therapeutic Arts.” This class is open to any major, but is of particular benefit to child development, psychology, speech pathology and education majors. Every semester, we work with new community groups, according to the needs and interests of our students.

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“I recently used the teen art pack with a victim and her deaf parents, who were able to bond over art. Her father is an artist and he and his daughter drew tougher while they are waiting to testify. It was amazing how they were supporting each other.”

– Ayda Torres, Family Advocate for Alliance for Children