Student Experience

Students enrolled in ARED 40970, The Therapeutic Arts, created and compiled 20 Teen Art Packs for Alliance for Children, a local child advocacy center for children who have been abused. The class took a field trip to the facility where they interviewed staff and tried to understand the experience of a teen coming to the center.

When teens arrive at the facility, they will be given one of the packs, which has instructions and examples of how to use the art supplies for creative expression.

Asel Art Supply, Ms. Randa Reeves, Ms. Holly Betenbough and an anonymous giver donated supplies and money.

Dr. Allison regularly collaborates with Alliance for Children and learned of this need earlier in the year. She will monitor the responses to the art packs and revise them accordingly. She hopes to seek additional funding from private grants and donors so that this project can reach all abused teens in Tarrant County.

“Studio Art opened up many doors for me both personally and professionally ... When people see TCU on my resume it generates a positive response--I'm proud to have been a student there and I am continually reminded of the benefits it has brought my career.”

– Rachel Blackburn Cozad, B.A. '89