As an art history student, you will gain the skills necessary to compete successfully in today’s changing job market. The foundation in liberal arts and humanities that art history provides is essential to becoming a life-long learner and educated global citizen. Classes promote skills in critical inquiry and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Research and creative projects enhance problem-solving skills. Potential careers open to art history majors include teaching, research, art administration, art writing and criticism, museum and gallery professions, and communication and media fields.

Examine the bold brushwork of Claude Monet or the delicate touch of Fra Angelico. Up close.

The Museum Experience at TCU

As a student, you will go to museums and study original works of art as with your classes. In addition to gaining familiarity with the impressive permanent collections of area museums, you will be able to the view special exhibitions advantage of “behind the scenes” tours given by a museum staff members, and attend lectures, symposia, and gallery tours presented.

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“The graduate program at TCU provided a perfect mix of academic training and museum-based experiences. Thanks to close ties with local art museums, I was able to take classes in the museums, learn about different job opportunities across the field, and was able to intern at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The practical experience gained from learning in museums paired with the critical thinking and writing skills gained in the classroom were invaluable assets as I transitioned into my current job.”

– Alejo Benedetti, MA 2015, Curatorial Assistant, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art