Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History

A major or a minor in art history may be taken on the BA degree. The art history program provides a broad undergraduate foundation in the humanities and the preparation necessary to pursue careers in art, such as teaching, research, art administration, art writing/criticism, and museum and gallery professions.

In addition to learning about a diversity of historical and cultural art-related subject matter and exploring various approaches to the study of history of art, you will have the opportunity to refine skills in critical inquiry, problem solving, and expressing yourself clearly both orally and in writing; these abilities will serve you well in whatever career path you choose to follow.

A particular strength of the art history program is its close connections to art museums in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. Classes frequently meet in a museum’s galleries, which provides the invaluable experience of engaging directly with art objects. Students are also able to take advantage of the museums’ special exhibitions, educational programs, and libraries. Museum internships are often available to our students, for academic credit.

As an art history major, you will have one of the art history faculty members as your academic adviser, who will assist you in developing and completing your degree plan.

Because of art history’s inherently interdisciplinary nature (for instance, how art relates to and informs religion, economics, political, and gender), students are encouraged to take courses in other academic departments and to study abroad.


Requirements for a Major in Art History

University Requirements

Undergraduate degree—124 hours minimum

Upper-level coursework taken at TCU—42 hours minimum

TCU Core Curriculum—39 hours minimum

These requirements can range from 39 to 63 hours depending on courses. Some courses may count in more than one area.

The BA requires a minor—at least 18 hours


Art History Major Requirements—27 hours of art history courses, 6 hours of studio courses and proficiency in a foreign language

Art History—27 hours

Majors are expected to enroll in a broad range of art history course, including pre-modern (pre-modern) and post-modern (post-1800). Students are expected to take at least one course from each of the full-time art history faculty members.

The following courses are required toward the completion of the major:

ARHI 10043         Introduction to Art History

ARHI 20000-level (3 hours)

ARHI 30963         Art Historical Methods

The remaining art history hours must meet the 27-hour requirement, and at least 12 of these hours must be 30000-level or above.

Studio Courses—6 hours

Studio courses that will meet this requirement include:

ARST 10103         Drawing I

ARST 10113         Drawing II

ARST 10123         Design and Color

ARST 10133         3-D Design

Any other approved studio art course

Foreign Language

Fourth-semester proficiency (20000-level) in a foreign language is required for the BA.

Students planning to continue art history study at the graduate level should develop proficiency in a second language; German, French, Italian or Spanish are recommended.

Suggested courses for first-year students:

Fall—15 hours                                                      Spring—15 hours

TCU Core Curriculum—6 hours                         TCU Core Curriculum—6 hours

Written Communication (WCO)                         Religion Traditions (RT)

Historical Traditions (HT)                                   Natural Sciences (NT)

Foreign Language—3 hours                                  Foreign Language—3 hours

ARHI 10043 Introduction to Art History           ARHI 20000-level course—3 hours

ARST 10103 Drawing I                                        ARST 10113 Drawing II or

ARST 10123 Design and Color or

ARST 10133 3-D Design


Requirements for a Minor in Art History

ARHI 10043 Introduction to Art History—3 hours

Any 20000 level art history course—3 hours

30000/40000 art history courses—15 hours

These are determined by the student and approved by an art history adviser.




ARHI 10043 – Introduction to Art History

ARHI 20003 – Classical Tradition in Art

ARHI 20013 – Egyptian Art

ARHI 20063 – Medieval Art

ARHI 20073 – British Art: Medieval-Modern

ARHI 20083 – American Indian Art

ARHI 20093 – Art of Mexico from 1500 to the Present

ARHI 20103 – 17th and 18th Century European Art

ARHI 20113 – A New World: Survey of American Art

ARHI 20303 – 19th and 20th Century Art

ARHI 20403 – Introduction to Visual Culture

ARHI 20503 – Survey Topics in Art History

ARHI 20603 – Art History on Site

ARHI 20833 – History of Visual Communication

ARHI 20990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 30003 – Junior Honors Seminar

ARHI 30073 – Modern British Art

ARHI 30113 – American Art to 1913

ARHI 30123 – American Art, 1913 to the Present

ARHI 30143 – Inka and Their Predecessors: Ancient South American Art

ARHI 30153 – The Aztec, Maya, Olmec

ARHI 30163 – Maya Art and Architecture

ARHI 30173 – Early Italian Renaissance Art

ARHI 30183 – High and Late Italian Renaissance Art

ARHI 30193 – Northern Renaissance Painting: Van Eyck – Bruegel

ARHI 30203 – 17th Century Italian and Spanish Art

ARHI 30213 – Drawing as Artistic Invention

ARHI 30333 – Modern Art I: Romantic Classicism to Impressionism

ARHI 30343 – Van Gogh to Dali: Modern Art II

ARHI 30353 – Picasso: Artist of the Century

ARHI 30363 – 17th Century Flemish-Dutch Painting

ARHI 30413 – Women and the Visual Arts, 1500-1800

ARHI 30500 – Special Topics in Art History

ARHI 30510 – Special Topics in Art History

ARHI 30600 – Art Study Abroad

ARHI 30603 – Art Since 1945

ARHI 30613 – Modern Architecture: 1750 to the Present

ARHI 30623 – History of the Print

ARHI 30633 – Art in the Metroplex

ARHI 30823 – History of Photography

ARHI 30833 – History of Graphic Design

ARHI 30963 – Art Historical Methods

ARHI 30990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 31990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 34990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 37990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 38990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 39990 – International Residential Study

ARHI 40003 – Senior Honors Research

ARHI 40970 – Special Problems

ARHI 40980 – Directed Study in Art History

ARHI 40993 – Art Professions Internship

“Studio Art opened up many doors for me both personally and professionally ... When people see TCU on my resume it generates a positive response--I'm proud to have been a student there and I am continually reminded of the benefits it has brought my career.”

– Rachel Blackburn Cozad, B.A. '89